What If...
• you could live a comfortable life?
• you could have all you needed and wanted?
• you could be healthy, on command?
• you could have the job of your dreams?

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Learning to Spell
Sometimes small things can
affect our life for as long as
we live, and then some,
unless we change our
limiting beliefs.

When I first studied NLP at
NLP University in San José
California in 2000, we got to
work on ourselves, and
practice on each other. That
is when I discovered the
reason why I had never
learned to spell...
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Wealthy Mind Mastery
Guiding You to Achieve the Life You Desire!
When my husband past away in 1984, and left me to raise
our daughter on my own while in debt for over $100,000
and only second hand furniture and an old car to show for
it, I was feeling lost...

I could have given up, went on welfare, and live a life of
poverty and despair, but I didn't....

I pulled myself up, I did what I needed to do to change my
life to a life of Wealth and Prosperity, and of Healing and
Happiness and so can you...
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Make up Your Mind...
I had been treated for
arthritis and was told by my
specialist to sale my
cleaning service and go
apply for disability because
there was no prescription
he could give me, and there
was no operation he could
do to help me, and he said
that within two years I was
going to be in a wheelchair.
That was back in 1992...
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Healing Your Guilt and Shame Around Money: Cast Off Ancestral Shackles and Create Abundance Now!


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Abuse Recovery...
I am so sorry you've been
abused. I am so sorry you
feel sad, depressed, even
suicidal at times.  Is wasn't
your fault back then and it
isn't your fault now either.  
And do you know what,
even if you don't want to
believe it at this very
moment, I am here to tell
you that it is possible to
heal from it. I know that,
because I did...
you can
find out how by clicking
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program by Melanie Tonia Evans
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